Dying My Roots Pink with Temporary Hair Dye

A0317A32-D92E-43CD-9D15-6562867959A4I don’t call myself the Chameleon Queen for nothing.

The name resided in my mind when I would constantly change my hair color, sorted or like a chameleon changing its color.

It has been a long while since I’ve put any fun colors in my hair, so I wanted to give it a try yet again.

I was thinking to my roots pink, but I did not want  I fully commit to it, just in case I wouldn’t like it

So this is when I decided to give the L’Oréal Colorista Temporary Spray another shot.  I picked up the Hot Pink shade so I can try the mastering technique of a colored Shadow Root….kidding about the mastering part.

8DB318D5-41A9-4A5C-A9D5-6DA309DACDF1The product is perfect for this trial as it is a wash out dye, so no commitment required.


I created a video on how I did this hair look, and after seeing the end results I feel I may want to go ahead and turn my roots pink! What do you guys think?