I have been on a quest to find a good flat iron for my hair.  For a while I have been using my Remington Wet to Straight  flat iron, it worked for me for many years, but as I cut my hair short I found that I was to wide for my hair.

I wanted to look for one of the skinnier straighteners, ones I can use to create waves/curls.  I have tried different kinds that I have purchased from AMAZON, because at the back of my mind, I did not want to break my wallet by spending so much on a flat iron.  Amazon was selling many straighteners less than $50 and I was fine with That.

This wasn’t until I heard about Karmin Professionals, they sell products such as hair dryers, curling irons, hair clippers, hair care etc.

So I had the opportunity to try out their G3 Salon Pro Straightener, and I have to say they did not disappoint.471C7450-D0A9-425B-867D-F6A5693DC3FC97040395-B7CC-4F95-9424-6C20694052A2.jpegThis flat iron is super lightweight (not like my other heavy straighteners), it comes with a pretty nice carrying case that you can also use as a heat mat.

Some of the features include:

  • Advanced 100% pure tourmaline ceramic plates
  • professional grade heating element for flash quick heating
  • variable temperature settings for all hair types
  • anti slip edges
  • slim handle design
  • won’t damage your hair
  • 3 year warranty

Just to name a few.

This straightener is perfect for salon professional use as well as personal at home use.  It’s comes in 5 different colors to choose from, your traditional Black and white, sleek pink, pretty purple and cool blue, basically one that suits your personal style.

The Karmin straightener retails for $159.95, it is quite an investment, but I guarantee it’s worth it.  I will give you guys a discount on your first purchse.  Just use my code shareeanonuevo to receive 10% off at the check out.

I made a Videoon how I created these easy curls using the Karmin straightener.  Hope you enjoy it!

Thrifting Obsessed

A36B5D95-25A6-406D-9927-CD5A6A5E885CRecently I picked up a new hobby of Thrifting, and I am literally obsessed.  You know when you get that itch to do something so bad, I get that with thrifting.

When I’m driving around the city and I come across a thrift store that I have never been to..I get all excited..put my hand out and point to the store, and anxiously wanting to go inside.

So I have accumulated a bunch a thrifted goods from my adventure that I decided to share them on my YouTube channel.

In this post I will share with you one look that I thrifted.

I see all over the internet that the Snap off track pants are making a comeback, so  I managed to snag one up on one of my Value Village stops.

Outfit deets:

-Adidas track jacket $18 from Plato’s Closet (a little bit on the pricey side)

-crop top (not thrifted) from Urban Planet

-Adidas Snapoff track pants $8.99 Salvation Army

-Shoes (not thrifted) Guess



570F4704-EEC5-424F-87DB-9EC14A688805My one favorite highlight at the moment would be Heart Defensor’s Coffee n cream highlighter duo in collaboration with Elf cosmetics.


Heart Defensor is a popular beauty vlogger, who goes by the screen name Thatsheart.  I am a big fan of hers, so when she announced that she came out with a new highlight combo with elf, I had to get my hands on it!

This highlight duo was such a hot item, that it sold out immediately on the launching date, sadly I wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

When the announcement of the restock happened, you know where I was! I was on the site clicking my way to the check out..and BAM!! I finally got one!

The packaging of this duo is a lovely mirrored rose gold, and it is simply gorgeous.  The highlighter duo only retails for $8, so it definitely does not break the wallet all.  Unfortunately the product is sold out on Elf’s  website, but is available at ULTA. 

Here’s a closer look at the highlighter shade, coffee is more of a bronzy gold while cream is a sheen irredecent white.

I have to say this highlight is my staple go to at the moment, it’s perfect for any skin tone, works nicely on its own, and even mixed together.

I might just have to go and order another one, because I might just hit pan soon.



I have always been a fan of GARNIER products, all the way from hair care  to Skin care.  I love their shampoo and conditioner mainly because of the wonderful scent.

In this post today, I will be talking about their skin care products.  It is very important to take extra good care of your skin, so finding the right product for your skin is very crutial.

I have used Garnier skin products here and there, but never a whole line as a routine.  Curious about the other products, I went out and bought a whole line to add to my skin care regimen.

Normally I have sensitive skin, where some products irritate my skin leaving it red, so I basically wanted to test out how all the products would react to my skin.

So let me share with you the products that I purchased.



This cleansing water dissolves Makeup, cleanses skin, Eyes and lips without rubbing or rinsing.  The Micelles captures and lifts away dirt, oil and makeup, leaving the skin perfectly and refreshed with out over-drying.

To use this product, saturate a cotton pad, hold it down on Eyes, or targeted area, and gently wipe away with out rubbing.  This product leaves your skin feeling hydrated and comforting, and reduces and tightening due to dryness.

Product retails for $7.97



This gentle daily smoothing scrub works double duty to brighten and deeply cleanse pores.  A non drying exfoliating formula with 100% sustainably sourced Argan Nut Shell, with Vitamin C and a multi-fruit acid blend helps to refine pores, even skin tone, and wash away dirt, oil and makeup on one step.

I will be using this after the MICELLAR water.

This retails for $7.99




Toners are used to shrink the appearance of pores,  restores your skin’s pH balance, and a layer of protection leaving it moisturizers and feeling refreshed.

ThiS product is formulated with detoxifying grape extract and pro vitamin B5 which helps remove skin impurities while respecting comfort, leaving your skin looking fresh and toned.

Retails for $9.49



This will be the last step in my routine.  This product is enriched with antioxidant fruit water, which helps replenish the skins moisture, and defends the skin from eternal aggressors like a drying effects of sun and wind.

Moisture rescue is infused with Vitamin C and E derivatives, making the skin feel subtle, comfortable and smoother.

Retails for $8.97




This was the last item I got from Garnier, I love using mask so I decided to grab this one to try.

This super Hydrating Mask provides deep moisture for instantly softer, more radiant skin.

I am excited to try all these products out and see how it takes to my skin.  After A week of usage I will come back give my thoughts on how I liked it or not.

For the time being, I’m going to wash my face to hopefully feel refreshed.




We all know that Khloe Kardashian is stunningly gorgeous all around, but what I love most about her is her hair.

Khloe is always seen with the most sought after hairstyle on social media.  One look in particular that stood out to me was her half up hairstyle that she rocked on THE ELLEN SHOW.


This Look was so full of volume, that it gave her the presence of sexiness and sophistication, that I had to try it out.

To create this look I will be using 2 sets of hair extensions, one from Tricky Hair, I will be using their 22” extensions in dirty blonde.  The second set is from Bellami Hair,  22” in length and this one is a custom color from this original platinum shade.

I decided to use 2 sets  because I wanted this look to be full of volume.  Since one set is only 120 grams, it unfortunately would not be enough to achieve that fullness.

On to the tutorial:

For the bottom half of my hair, these are the following weft clip ins I will be using.

    • Two 3 clip wefts in dirty blonde
    • Two 3 clip wefts in silver/grey
    • One 4 clip weft in dirty blonde
    • One 4 clip weft in silver/grey

For the first clip ins, I’m going to split a small section of Hair off at the bottom and clip in the first 3 clip weft in silver grey

4D7806F6-4BE3-44B8-A535-C3FC323EB06D.pngThen I’m going to take the dirty blonde 3 clip weft and place that directly on top of the last extension. So basically I will have to wefts back to back from each other.

Then I am going to bring down a small section of my real hair and repeat the same steps.  Using the 3 clip weft in silver/grey, and placing the dirty blonde 3 clip weft directly on top.

Bring another layer of hair down and clip in the 4 clip wefts extensions the same way.


Now  it’s time to create the ponytail.  To create this I am going to take about a 2 inch section of hair at the very top of my head.

D8895CDF-1043-4D60-8363-0D5AE901E39BTo create this I am going to take about a 2 inch section of hair at the very top of my head.  This is going to be the base of my ponytail.


Tie that off with a hair tie. Now it’s time to build that ponytail.



I am now going to take 2 clip weft in silver/grey, and clip that right onto the shaft of the ponytail.


Next I’m going to take a 2 clip weft in dirty blonde a place that right on top of the last extension.

To continue building the ponytail, I am going to repeat the steps one more time alternating the extensions.C561277D-A421-4897-99E7-6673913BC75DFD090971-642F-4F3E-9493-5D1A67072209738D2BA2-A774-492C-9439-E239D1F0AC0A

Once all the extensions are clipped in, it is now time to pull all the hair up into that half ponytail.


Give the Hair a good curl using a wand or curling iron, I’m using my Hair forensics wand with the 2” barrel.


I wanted to give my ponytail a bit more volume, so I decided to give it a tease.



If you want to watch my full video on this look, watch it Here


Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial 😀