I have a passion for creating art with hair. A lot of my friends and family know this about me. When I have an opportunity to do something with my hair, you know I’m always on top of it.

I was hanging out with a good friend one beautiful Friday morning, and she had some spray on purple on her hair, I said to her that I could make a semi permanent purple look if she’s down. Surprisingly she obliged, so this is when we planned our evening of wine and hair.



She has really dark hair that she recently colored, and agreed to add some purple highlight, when people I know are down to add some extra color to their hair…it makes me extremely Happy.

Products used.

D84CB87E-120D-4F8A-B737-3FDD94A2E42C.jpegTo lighten her hair,   I am using the Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blonde Bleach and I am pairing that up with The Schwarzkopf Blonde Me 20 Volume Developer.

B975F13A-E4EC-4B44-8DB7-48C9D10D1C8C.jpegFor the Color, I am using Ion Color Brilliance Neon Brights in Radiant Orchid.


I just want to put it out there that I am not a professional, I have just learned everything on my own through watching videos and past experiences.  I am not charging my friend for my service, because I am NOT a hair professional.  I am basically doing it for her because I am such an awesome friend!!!

The Technique

I started the foiling technique on the left side of her head, and starting at the bottom I would do a thin slicing technique, place in on the foil and apply the bleach evenly.  For the next section i would do a weaving technique, place that on the foil and repeat.



So I would basically repeat the process with the slicing and weaving technique until I reached the middle top, and then I would repeat the same thing on the other side, and the back.

Once I completed to foils, we let that process for about 30-40, and checking every so often how the lift turned out.

Since she had previously colored her hair a deep purple black color, we were not going to achieve that level of lightness with the bleach, so it pretty much lifted to a brassy orange tone with some red tones as well.  Light enough for the purple shade to pick up.

I got her to wash and dry her hair, and this is how it turned out.  Normally I never know how my foil techniques would turn out, But I have to say that I did a pretty damn good job for a NON PROFESSIONAL.


Now its time for the fun part, Time to put that Radiant Orchid on my gorgeous Friend.

Although it didn’t really turn out too purple, She loved it non the less! If she is happy, then I am happy!!!

What do you guys think? It’s a very subtle look, with a little pop of edginess.

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