Aspiring Model on The Loose

My Gorgeous niece recently turned 19 years of age, and she wanted to celebrate her Birthday by having a photo shoot.

So what does any normal supportive Auntie do? Of course be the acting photographer for her birthday wish.

When someone else in the family sparks the same interest as to make their Gram more Insta worthy and aesthetically pleasing, you know I’m always on board.

This Lovely lady is Super Photogenic, so it made the photography aspect flow much more smoothly.

She is definitely model material, and I hope by doing this, it will help her get noticed and land some sponsored deals! Heck, if I had my own brand, I’d have her hired right away!

Follow this aspiring model on Instagram Here.  Let’s all work together to get this girl a gig!

Hope you enjoyed some of my favourite shots of her.


💋💋 Sharee Anonuevo

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