Hug Your Home and be Thankful


Recently the Parade of Homes started in our city, and my family and I decided to have a look into these wonderful homes.

Parade of Homes is a show case of new homes held annually in several regions.

We have no intentions of buying a new home, as our current house is still fairly brand new.  We just wanted to take a look at the beautiful show case of homes…no harm in that.


These homes gave me all the feels with walking in and having instantly been hit with the smell of a newly built house… brought back so much memories.

B1A0551C-506F-4FA9-BF26-2982BA309035I have to admit, looking at these homes made us all feel like building a brand new house, it is just so Inspiring with all the gorgeous interior designs.  Makes me question myself why I can’t design my house to look this good.

FC2E29CC-7D11-4DD0-886A-70B9B7260F83.jpegAt the end of it all, we were all just grateful that we have a place where we call HOME.  Although there is no harm in looking at other homes,  sometimes it makes us want more than what we have, but we came to realize that we were here for inspiration, that’s all it is…Inspiration.

8AA249E5-C35D-490E-9B62-5F3ED275A3C1.jpegNow we must all go home and Hug our Home and just be thankful for what we have.

    💋 xoxo 💋 Sharee Anonuevo

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