It was a wondering Sunday morning, sun was glistening bright, but let me tell you, that beam of sunshine was slightly deceiving. Although it looked like it was beautiful outside, it was actually a dreadful minus 30 degrees with blowing snow..ugh (take me somewhere warm).

We still managed to make it despite the cold, so My family and I joined my mother at her church, (if you live in Winnipeg you can withstand any temperature no matter the circumstance). Once church was concluded, we all headed out for lunch at MONGO’S GRILL where my mom gratefully treated the whole family. It was great and I was completely stuffed.

I decided to continue the Sunday Famday with my 2 girls. They wanted to stop off at PETLAND to play with some bunnies, where they tried to convince me to buy one for them, unfortunately that was unsuccessful.

Let me tell you something, even though I have lived in Winnipeg (Winterpeg) all my life, I was literally freezing icicles!! When we got out of the vehicle, we were all running for shelter from this freezing blowing snow. Much to my surprise, I witnessed this individual sporting only a pair of shorts and hoody! Like dude that is not minus 30 attire! Crazy I tell ya.

As the day progressed, my girls were craving Kawaii Crepe, so being the loving mother that I am, I wanted to satisfy that.

I guess you can say everyone’s cravings were satisfied!!


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