Thrifting Obsessed

A36B5D95-25A6-406D-9927-CD5A6A5E885CRecently I picked up a new hobby of Thrifting, and I am literally obsessed.  You know when you get that itch to do something so bad, I get that with thrifting.

When I’m driving around the city and I come across a thrift store that I have never been to..I get all excited..put my hand out and point to the store, and anxiously wanting to go inside.

So I have accumulated a bunch a thrifted goods from my adventure that I decided to share them on my YouTube channel.

In this post I will share with you one look that I thrifted.

I see all over the internet that the Snap off track pants are making a comeback, so  I managed to snag one up on one of my Value Village stops.

Outfit deets:

-Adidas track jacket $18 from Plato’s Closet (a little bit on the pricey side)

-crop top (not thrifted) from Urban Planet

-Adidas Snapoff track pants $8.99 Salvation Army

-Shoes (not thrifted) Guess


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