We all know that Khloe Kardashian is stunningly gorgeous all around, but what I love most about her is her hair.

Khloe is always seen with the most sought after hairstyle on social media.  One look in particular that stood out to me was her half up hairstyle that she rocked on THE ELLEN SHOW.


This Look was so full of volume, that it gave her the presence of sexiness and sophistication, that I had to try it out.

To create this look I will be using 2 sets of hair extensions, one from Tricky Hair, I will be using their 22” extensions in dirty blonde.  The second set is from Bellami Hair,  22” in length and this one is a custom color from this original platinum shade.

I decided to use 2 sets  because I wanted this look to be full of volume.  Since one set is only 120 grams, it unfortunately would not be enough to achieve that fullness.

On to the tutorial:

For the bottom half of my hair, these are the following weft clip ins I will be using.

    • Two 3 clip wefts in dirty blonde
    • Two 3 clip wefts in silver/grey
    • One 4 clip weft in dirty blonde
    • One 4 clip weft in silver/grey

For the first clip ins, I’m going to split a small section of Hair off at the bottom and clip in the first 3 clip weft in silver grey

4D7806F6-4BE3-44B8-A535-C3FC323EB06D.pngThen I’m going to take the dirty blonde 3 clip weft and place that directly on top of the last extension. So basically I will have to wefts back to back from each other.

Then I am going to bring down a small section of my real hair and repeat the same steps.  Using the 3 clip weft in silver/grey, and placing the dirty blonde 3 clip weft directly on top.

Bring another layer of hair down and clip in the 4 clip wefts extensions the same way.


Now  it’s time to create the ponytail.  To create this I am going to take about a 2 inch section of hair at the very top of my head.

D8895CDF-1043-4D60-8363-0D5AE901E39BTo create this I am going to take about a 2 inch section of hair at the very top of my head.  This is going to be the base of my ponytail.


Tie that off with a hair tie. Now it’s time to build that ponytail.



I am now going to take 2 clip weft in silver/grey, and clip that right onto the shaft of the ponytail.


Next I’m going to take a 2 clip weft in dirty blonde a place that right on top of the last extension.

To continue building the ponytail, I am going to repeat the steps one more time alternating the extensions.C561277D-A421-4897-99E7-6673913BC75DFD090971-642F-4F3E-9493-5D1A67072209738D2BA2-A774-492C-9439-E239D1F0AC0A

Once all the extensions are clipped in, it is now time to pull all the hair up into that half ponytail.


Give the Hair a good curl using a wand or curling iron, I’m using my Hair forensics wand with the 2” barrel.


I wanted to give my ponytail a bit more volume, so I decided to give it a tease.



If you want to watch my full video on this look, watch it Here


Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial 😀

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